Wave to Wellness

Wave to Wellness offers interactive workshops that endeavour to help participants mindfully manage stressors that are associated with everyday life. These workshops will explore insights developed through navigating a number of challenging life events, and professional practice in the field of mindfulness and yoga.

 Practical applications:

  • Acknowledge your individual stress triggers
  • Understand how to develop individual based strategies
  • Develop the understanding of how to approach your stress mindfully

*Workshops and Public Speaking can be customised to suit the individual needs of your respected Business, Team or Group. Please email for more details.

rhys ibbott


I started practicing yoga as a means of overcoming a number of Cardiac Issues that I experienced in my late 20’s. To cut a long story short I was lucky enough to survive a massive cardiac arrest that happened in 2014 while I was out on my morning run. Fortunately, a lady (the wonderful and life saving Valerie) saw this, stopped and was able to perform CPR on me and I was revived. This turn of events started my personal Journey with Yoga as a student and eventually a teacher that is passionate about sharing my teachings with others who are looking to incorporate Mindful movement into their lives to enhance their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.


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